Mahajan Agro International Blog Latest Products Sat, 20 Jul 2024 07:58:00 +0530 en-us What are the Significant Usages of Turmeric Fingers? Fri, 15 Jan 2021 16:27:14 +0530 Turmeric belongs to the ginger family and one of the best Ayurvedic products in the market. When you think about turmeric, the first thing that comes to your mind is its wide use in the Indian kitchen. Turmeric is an essential part of Indian cooking due to its immense medicinal values. However, in cooking powdered form is used in most of the recipes. But, turmeric fingers also have different usages, and we are going to dig in that.Various Usages of Turmeric FingersMedicinal PropertiesTurmeric is an antioxidant, and that is the reason it possesses healing properties. People prefer to apply the paste of turmeric fingers on the wounded parts. This is the reason several shops in the market buy the products from Turmeric Finger Suppliers in Punjab. There is a huge demand for the fingers in the market.Turmeric also has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties as well. You can apply it on the allergy and get a satisfactory result. Throughout the centuries, people have been using turmeric paste to treat several skin problems.Skin Brightening PropertiesThere is a demand for Turmeric Finger as it has a very popular usage in brightening skin. You will find turmeric in several Ayurvedic skincare products and even in several cosmetic products. There is a practice of applying turmeric paste on the skin in the Indian household.Due to this property, there is a ritual in Indian wedding called \'Haldi\'. In that particular function, friends and relatives apply turmeric paste on bride and groom. For applying on skin, people use turmeric fingers. They soak it in water or milk for overnight and paste it in mortar and pestle.Immunity BoosterAccording to ancient Ayurveda, turmeric acts as a great immunity booster. There are people who buy the product from the market for daily consumption. As per Ayurveda, it will work best is someone consume it either with milk, honey or jaggery. Turmeric works on overall immunity as it boosts brain function, reduces heart burn, and also improve digestion.How to Get the Best Turmeric? After learning the benefits of turmeric in daily life, you need to get the best product. It is needless to say that without a fresh product, there will be no benefit. So, you need to find a reliable supplier who provides fresh product to the market. You need to find one of the best Turmeric Finger Suppliers who also charge fair price against the product.You need to consider the recommendation when it comes to picking a supplier. There is the longevity of all products that is why you need to notice the expiry date mentioned on the pack. You need to store the turmeric fingers in a cool and dry place for using it in the long run.To get the benefit out of turmeric, you need to be consistent with it. It is a natural remedy, and it will work with time. So, along with being consistent, you should be patient to see the result in future. Turmeric Powder That Helps Your Pallet As Well As Your Health Tue, 09 Mar 2021 10:13:29 +0530 In India, thinking about any food without the perfect blend of Indian Spices is almost unimaginable. Spices do not just help in bringing life to the food, it refreshes our soul as well. The spices that are found in India have had wide fame all over the world for centuries. Both in the domestic as well as the industrial kitchens, spices are always among some of the most valuable items needed. They do not just make our dishes a lot more palatable, they also have some very beneficial medicinal values to their name.Why Is Turmeric So Important In The Indian Cuisine?Over time, India has always been at the forefront of the supply of spices to the world. India is definitely among the largest producers of spices, especially Turmeric Powder. But, we are also the greatest consumers of it as well. The use of turmeric heavily dominates Indian cooking and cuisine. Spices lend out the key characteristics of the food that we have. With the help of Organic Turmeric Powder Suppliers, you can receive the finest quality of spices. Thus, let’s take a look at all the spices that make the Indian kitchens smell so special.What Are The Nutritional Effects Of Turmeric?Organic Turmeric Powder is produced without the use of any harmful chemicals and thus, the spice itself is free from any sort of harmful effect. But apart from that, Turmeric has a bunch of nutritional upsides which have a very positive effect on the body. One tablespoon of turmeric is capable of providing 29 calories along with 0.91g of protein, 0.31g of fat, 6.31g of carbohydrates, 2.1g of fiber as well as 0.3g of sugar. This one tablespoon of turmeric can offer 16% of the daily iron, 26% of the regular manganese needs, 5% of daily potassium, and 3% of the daily vitamin C. Owing to all these factors, turmeric is not just used as a flavorsome spice that has major nutritional values; it is also used in traditional Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine. Turmeric is well capable of treating skin diseases, wounds, digestive ailments as well as treat inflammatory conditions.How Does Turmeric Benefit The Body?Turmeric has some extensive uses in the field of medicine and it works as an excellent agent for relieving pain. Turmeric has positive effects in relieving arthritis pain as well. In addition to that, turmeric is capable of improving overall liver function owing to the antioxidants present in it. The antioxidant properties of turmeric powder are so strong and effective that it can very efficiently stop your liver from getting damaged by harmful toxins. This is a major point of benefit for people suffering from diabetes, who have to ingest strong drugs which pose harmful effects to the liver in the long run. Moreover, studies have shown that turmeric has protective effects against cancer. Thus, regular consumption of turmeric can majorly help in reducing the risk of prostate cancer, pancreatic cancer as well multiple myeloma. Therefore, it is pretty safe to say that the effects that turmeric posses on the body are very positive and can be highly beneficial for you. With the help of Organic Turmeric Powder Wholesaler, it becomes much more convenient to get the highest quality of spices at the most affordable rates. The regular consumption of this spice can majorly help in supporting the various functions of the body but the consumption has to be cautious. Red Chilli Peppers- the Edible Atom Bomb with its Many Wonders Mon, 21 Jun 2021 10:37:29 +0530 In reality, it is interesting to note that red chilli is the berry-fruit of plants from the genus Capsicum which in turn are members of the nightshade family, Solanaceae. The substance Capsaicin and its compounds capsaicinoids give the chillis their intense flavour and smell when ingested or applied topically. The story of the chilli peppers is fascinating. The chilli peppers are actually native s to Mexico. After the Columbian Exchange took place, their journey across the globe began. It was then that their numerous cultivars were developed and spread across the world to be used both as a food and as traditional medicine. Upon reaching the Caribbean, Christopher Columbus and his crew encountered them and gave them the term “peppers” because of its spicy and hot taste. The Portuguese traders introduced the chillis to Asia which they identified as a potential big market because of its flavour. It came to India at the end of the 15th century and from then on the Red Chilli Suppliers of India picked up the trade efficiently.International and Domestic ProductionChina is the leading producer of green chillis in the world, supplying half the total global markets with its production. One-ninth of the total global production of chillis is the dried variety whose market is led by India with 36% of the total world supply.India has a huge chilli production of its own with Telangana leading and Punjab following in the 7th position production wise. Red Chilli Suppliers in Punjab are making the most of it with their own home production.Nutritional Values of ChillisThe red variety of chillis contains substantial amounts of Vitamin C, while the other varieties contain provitamin A beta-carotene. Additionally chilli peppers are a rich source of Vitamin B6. Chilli peppers are a source of energy, carbohydrates, sugars, dietary fibres, protein, small amounts of fat, minerals like iron, magnesium and potassium, water and capsaicin. Such a wide array of nutrients all packed into those little berries is an amazing thing in itself.Health Benefits of Red ChillisThe health benefits of Red Chillis are amazing for such a small berry that it is. They are popular not only as a culinary delight but also works wonders on the human body. Today we will look at some of those benefits. 1. Improves Digestive Health and Metabolism: Capsaicin strengthens gut health and aids weight loss. Contrary to popular belief, chillis help in treating stomach ulcers. The powder form is rich in antioxidants and soothes stomach problems. Peppers also speed up metabolism. 2. Soothes Migraines: Capsaicin helps in treating headaches and migraines by desensitizing the trigeminal nerve and decreasing CGRP which are responsible migraines. 3. Good Antioxidant and Anti-Inflammatory Agent: Chilli peppers are good antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents. They help to fight and guard against many diseases like leukemia, cancer, maintains healthy respiratory, intestinal and urinary systems, boosts the immune system, congestion and allergies, chronic sinus. 3. Anti-fungal Properties: They have good anti-fungal properties and can kill pathogens in food and cure inflammatory bowel diseases. 4. Relieves Joint Pain: Capsaicin desensitizes the pain receptors and helps to reduce joint and arthritis pains, shingles and HIV and diabetic neuropathy and psoriasis. There are numerous other health benefits of the chilli peppers. It is no wonder why the Red Chilli Suppliers are working double hard to maintain their standards and keep up the steady supply of the product in the Indian markets. 7 Health Benefits of Pure Saffron Tue, 07 Sep 2021 11:24:05 +0530 Saffron is a member of the lily family. Saffron is the most expensive spice in the world. Saffron is helpful in several diseases. Iran is the highest producer of pure saffron. Saffron is not only an expensive spice but there are numerous health benefits of saffron that makes it special. Having medicinal properties makes the price of saffron high. Saffron is considered to best medicine for various diseases like cold, cough, stomach issues, and insomnia and heart problems. Due to the presence of antioxidant properties, saffron helps in maintaining healthy blood vessels. Saffron is rich in potassium that helps in preventing any blockage from arteries.AntioxidantPure Saffron is rich in crocin and crocetin. Saffron is rich in antioxidant properties and helps in removing cancer. crocin is one of the compounds that was found to have the potential to act as a chemotherapy agent.Protection against cough and coldSaffron is very effective to treat colds and fever. Saffron is mixed in milk and is best for removing cold. Therefore, saffron is the best medicinal value for cold and cough.Fight against InflammationSaffron is a spice with high fragrance and colour. Saffron is a rich antioxidant and has health benefits. The presence of saffron helps in protecting the body against inflammation and protects oxidative damage in the brain.Improves VisionSaffron is known to be excellent medicine for retinal degeneration. Saffron improves eyesight in adults and protects against retinal damage. Due to its medicinal value, saffron is best for improving vision in adults. With the increase in age, eyesight in adults may get damaged and saffron is the best medicine for improving such damage.Treats InsomniaSaffron is also the best medicine for the treatment of insomnia. Due to inadequate sleep, lots of problems arise in the body. Therefore, saffron mixed with milk intake helps in curing insomnia.Improves DigestionSaffron is best for the skin and keeps seasonal ailments. Thus saffron improves digestion and creates exceptional benefits to the body. Due to anticancer and antioxidant features, it removes digestive disorders.Cures Burn WoundsSaffron is rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory features and can heal burn wounds. Therefore, saffron is anti-burning and can cure wounds and scars. There are various Pure Saffron Distributors in India that are supplying products at affordable prices to the customers.Increase ImmunitySaffron is rich in crocin and helps in increasing immunity. It reduces sugar levels and increases insulin. Saffron improves antioxidant with Alzheimer disease.Saffron has outstanding taste and aroma and is used in various dishes. Though saffron is an expensive spice and it is widely used in various recipes. Saffron is not only used in cooking but also used for medicinal taste. Saffron is safe and has no side effects. It has health benefits and also enhanced weight loss. It is also a treatment of age-related mental impairment, memory loss and inflammation. So if you are looking for supplying high-quality saffron to the customers, you can research the distributor online and offline in the market. Saffron can be common usage for colouring agents. It is also used in various recipes.